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Automotive Writer wanted | work at home - Denver ideally | pay: $15-$18 per hour | Spork Marketing
Are you a skilled writer who knows about cars? Are you looking for a part-time contract position you can do at home that pays $15-$18 an hour, depending on experience? If so, you should read this posting very carefully...

Spork Marketing - a Denver-area marketing company that works with auto parts and accessories online retailers - is looking for a part-time automotive content writer. This writer will help create content that our client's customers/potential customers will find interesting or useful.

  • Be able to speak intelligently about all things automotive, from DIY repairs to after-market styling trends to auto racing.
  • Create interesting, useful, and or entertaining automotive content, including blog posts, infographics, Internet videos, etc.
  • Write blog posts.
  • Truly enjoy work that involves a lot of looking at and talking about cars all day.
  • Live in Denver and be able to meet once or twice a month (as needed).
  • Work from home on a part-time basis.*
  • Good conversational knowledge of cars and the auto industry (this is important).
  • Good written and verbal communication skills. Blogging experience is a major plus.
  • Self-motivated with ability to work independently.
  • A willingness to work part-time (15-20 hours per week) for the foreseeable future.**
  • Frequent automotive forum contributor
  • Experience photographing and/or shooting video of cars
  • Experience managing a Facebook page or community

No experience is required.

This doesn't mean that we don't value experience (we do); this just means that we'll teach you what you need to know if you meet most of our criteria.

Stay at home parents and students are strongly encouraged to apply.

While our company is growing, please understand that this is a part-time contract position and there are no guarantees in terms of this turning into full-time.


Please do *not* contact us on SporkMarketing.com, or by sending an email to whatever address you can find for our company. Instead, just fill out this simple online application and we will review your info carefully.

If you look like someone we might like to talk to, we'll contact you for a phone interview. If the phone interview goes well, we'll either try to meet in person or schedule another call.

Spork Marketing, LLC is an equal opportunity employer.

  • Looking for: Automotive Content Writer
  • Location: Home
  • Compensation: $15-$18 hourly depending on experience

Website: http://sporkmarketing.com/

Applications: Via the online form
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Automotive Writer wanted | work at home - Denver ideally | pay: $15-$18 per hour | Spork Marketing

Weekend Content Manager wanted | work at home | pay: $450 per month (weekend PM only) | news site
News site seeks part-time content manager for weekend afternoons. Hours are between 7:30 PM EST and about 10 PM EST. Position is work from home and pays around $450 per month. Must be available Saturday and Sunday.

Applicant should have experience managing and editing content (position requires very light editing (less than 20 minutes per day).

Please send resume and short email of interest.

  • Looking for: Content Manager - Weekend
  • Location: Position is work from home
  • Compensation: Around $500 per month

Questions / applications: qmk3k-4630336928@gigs.craigslist.org
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Weekend Content Manager wanted | work at home | pay: $450 per month (weekend PM only) | news site

Product Copy Writer wanted | work at home | pay: $10 per hour | candy store
We run a Candy Store on Long Island. We sell gift baskets as well as bulk chocolates, candy, fruit and nuts. We are gearing up to sell our products online, and need help writing appetizing and unique descriptions of each of my confections. We are looking for someone to start immediately. You can work from home or on your own schedule as a part time job, just as long as you can get the work done.

  • Looking for: Writer
  • Location: You can work from home
  • Compensation: Approximately $10 per hour

Questions / applications: 5zsdg-4630209892@job.craigslist.org
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Product Copy Writer wanted | work at home | pay: $10 per hour | candy store

Investigative Journalist wanted | work at home - Orange Co. | pay: $16-$30 per hour | Nicole Miller & Associates
Investigative Journalist ($16-$30 per hour) Training Rate is $16 per hour and lasts from two to six weeks; however; depending on how fast you catch on and deliver results your hourly rate will drastically increase! Potential for long term success is guaranteed. Most employees are immediately ranging from $40,000 to $60,000 within the first year. Are you interested in building a career in a new and booming field of investigative writing? We would like for you to join our growing team!

We are looking for full time employees seeking an exciting and specified career in legal/ personnel investigations.


Assisting a private investigator in conducting detailed human resource and civil investigations. Must have at least a four year college degree and must be an excellent and proficient writer with amazing organizational skills (reliable, trustworthy and dependable). Since WRITING will be 75% of the position (as you have the option of working from home or from our office in Dana Point) you must pass a grueling mock writing test to be considered for the position. Must type at least 70 words per minute and own a lap top computer and vehicle. No work experience necessary, but cannot emphasize you must excel in writing - factual style (not creative).

Spanish speaking employees will earn additional compensation.

This is an amazing career with great opportunity for growth, but it is not for everyone; demands concentration, high work ethic and intelligence. Must have the capability to summarize facts and communicate with clients. Flexible schedule is a must during training period and in close proximity to Dana Point office will be advantageous. Employees that have been most successful with the firm have experience in writing legal briefs.

Please submit a copy of your resume, college transcripts and a writing sample for our review.
Please do not contact Nicole Miller by telephone or email!


Thank you for your interest in our specialized firm! This is a one of a kind business and we are eager to grow together. As a small company with a strong core of clients; honor, integrity and high work ethic is what we strive for.

  • Looking for: Investigative Journalist
  • Location: Writing will be 75% of the position and you have the option of working from home or from our office in Dana Point
  • Compensation: $16-$30 per hour

Website: http://nicolemillerandassociates.com/

Questions / applications: 63dfg-4629915411@job.craigslist.org
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Investigative Journalist wanted | work at home - Orange Co. | pay: $16-$30 per hour | Nicole Miller & Associates

Writer with "southern" voice wanted | work at home | pay: open | property website
We are looking for a writer who can do interviews--with our clients--and write small articles about the properties that we have listed. We would prefer a female who has an elegant and classy southern style. A way with words is a must. We want people to covet the properties that we have listed.

Our previous writer has retired due to medical conditions. She billed approximately $18,000.00 a year in contract work (and we never once met her!). She did everything by phone and e-mail. She was absolutely fantastic! So please note: she raised the bar very high and you'll have to at least come close to meeting it. Can you exceed it? We doubt it. But. we're open to being proven wrong.

We don't mind paying by Paypal, but we require 30 day terms. Our previous writer worked on an incentive based salary. Meaning: she collected a small fee upfront, but then received a 'royalty' when we sold the home. We are open to all proposals, but we won't be scalped. And you are doing writing for hire; we own the content. One more thing: you agree to not work--in our immediate market area--with any of the competition.

We would like to expand our business, but we have to find the right fit. We don't really know how to describe it other than: Elegant. Classy. Descriptive. Southern. Also, the right writer will have faith in their abilities (or a newcomer who is looking for that special 'break' to happen) and won't mind showing off their talent. This could be steady income for the right writer.

We can provide you with samples of our previous writers work. We would love to see someone come close to it.

Serious talent only. We don't need every two-bit hack calling me. Better yet... e-mail us a write-up on a home or something 'southern'.

  • Looking for: Writer with classy 'southern' voice
  • Location: Work from home
  • Compensation: Paid by the job. Open to various proposals.

Questions / applications: w6qhm-4629688237@gigs.craigslist.org or call Jason at 678-871-9660 (note from WriteJobs: the telephone number is associated with Jason Horton Ministries based on our research)
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Writer with "southern" voice wanted | work at home | pay: open | property website

Music Writer wanted | work at home | pay: $300 per month | music / music education website for parents
Wanted: Responsible, Self-Motivated person with Great Writing Skills to write a daily 300-500 word blog post on a music website geared toward parents interested in music education.

  • Reliable, Available to commit Long-Term
  • Internet-Savvy
  • Excellent Writing Skills
  • Some College
  • Prefer some experience as a Music Teacher, or has studied an instrument 4+ years
  • Ability to work from home
  • Excellent computer skills & typing skills
  • Ability to self-manage and deliver work on time
  • Experience working with children is a plus
  • Background in blog-writing is a plus
  • Ability to write in a tone similar to the existing blogs
Blog posts focus on music education, piano & voice topics, child education, and music science. The ideal writing style would fit these criteria: family-friendly, positive, smart, and cute/fun.


$300/month for 7 posts per week (28 total per month)

Estimated time per blog post -- 30-60 min (given that the writer has good typing skills and the ability to navigate the internet easily)

  • Collecting blog ideas on an ongoing basis from sources such as the radio, news, or internet search
  • Completing one blog post per day, or multiple posts in advance if you'd like to write them in batches
  • Post must be original content, siting any sources if using quotes -- feel free to use existing material as a reference, but it must be rewritten in your own words.
  • Format post on our wordpress blog account -- this is a simple procedure and an instructional video will be provided for your reference, no training necessary
  • Upload an image to accompany the post
  • Attach video related to the post if applicable
  • Note: posts written in advance can be saved as a draft to be published at a later date
Existing posts include video of cute child performers on the Ellen show, articles about musical outreach programs, fun info about music and science, studies on how music education affects children, TED talks about music topics, interviews with musicians, etc. The main rule of thumb is to create content geared toward our audience - families who are interested in having their children participate in music lessons.


Please email a resume and tell us a little about yourself. If you have writing samples that would match the tone we are looking for please send those along. Request a link to view our website with existing blogs.

  • Looking for: Part-Time Blog Writer
  • Location: Write from home
  • Compensation: $300/month for 7 posts per week (28 total per month)

Questions / applications: kdprz-4629542714@job.craigslist.org
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Music Writer wanted | work at home | pay: $300 per month | music / music education website for parents

Product Copy Writer wanted | telecommuting ok - Monterey | pay: $12-$14 per hour | Bana Home Decor & Gifts
If you want a job after 5:00pm then don't miss this chance!

We are seeking an energetic, motivated, enthusiastic, creative and inspired Copy Writer /Product Listing Professional for part time job (one month) to help with our Furniture store Advertising and Marketing campaign.

  • Lead the marketing activities for the opening through various social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter.
  • Meet our merchandise Marketing / Listing activities (Craigslist, Newspaper, Online...)
  • Increase potential sales opportunities.
  • Work with us on improving our website.
  • Excellent research and writing skills.
  • Someone organized, creative, and dependable, who thrives in stressful situations.
  • Strong computer skills, with blogging and social media experience.
  • Ability to copywrite, image editing experience is a plus.
  • Detail oriented and self motivated.
  • Positive attitude, preferably young college student.
  • Flexible workdays, willing to take work home.
  • Provide your own computer is a plus.
  • Bilingual (preferably Spanish.)
There is a project based part time job with major possibility for a longer term position (permanent Job) if things go well.

  • Looking for: Copy Writer - Product Listing Professional
  • Location: Telecommuting okay - willing to take work home
  • Compensation: $12-$14 depends on qualifications

Website: http://www.banahome.com/

Questions / applications: srg5g-4627825019@job.craigslist.org or text Fadi Doidri at 831-917-5646
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Product Copy Writer wanted | telecommuting ok - Monterey | pay: $12-$14 per hour | Bana Home Decor & Gifts

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