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Freelance translation, Hebrew-English, pays $0.10 per word

02 January 2011
Freelance translation, Hebrew-English, pays $0.10 per word
Deadline: 15 February 2011

What: Hebrew to English translation. About 55 pages. An assortment of texts including essays, stories, and articles.

Specifications: We are looking for a professional translator, English mother tongue. The translator must have a familiarity with the Orthodox Jewish world in Israel and the US as well as the nuances of their language and also a familiarity with the LGBTQ community and their language. The job with require creating bridges between these two worlds through the translation.

Contact: Please send your resume and a writing sample will be emailed to you to return to us. Contact Sarah at sarahweil.il@gmail.com

Required software: Adobe Acrobat.

Payment: 0.10 USD per word

Linguists must live in: US United States, IL Israel

Deadline: Tuesday, February 15, 2011 23:00

Apply here.
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