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Freelance writing: Triple Curve (content writing | pay: $10-$15 per article | work from home - US/ Canada)

20 April 2013
Freelance writing: Triple Curve (content writing | pay: $10-$15 per article | work from home - US/ Canada)
This is a long term contract for qualified writers needing steady work. We're looking to create thousands articles per week. On-boarded writers will work on our internal system and are able to choose their own topics to write on!

Each of the article types has a specific set of instructions/requirements detailed in our style guide. In an effort to focus on quality, we want to avoid putting a length requirement on the articles. It is more important that our authors create high quality articles that closely adhere to the instructions provided than meet a length requirement.

Experience desired:
  • Background in creative/copywriting content writing and editing
  • Excellent English communication skills
  • United States/Canada based writers only (native US English writers)
We will run a trial of 3 articles, paid at $8 an article upon successful completion. After you finish your trial, you'll be reviewed by an editor, graded, and made an offer per article, which is based on your quality of the trial.

You'll be shared a Google collection with your name on it. The trial folder will include the following:
  • The Style Guide
  • 3 Trial Articles
  • A Ready for Editor (Trial) folder
You will have 72 hours to complete the trial. Once you've completed the 3 articles an editor will review your work, and either accept the articles or send it back for revisions with feedback. All 3 of your articles will be reviewed within 72 hours of submitting them. For the trial it's $8 an article. After that, an editor will review and decide your rate ($10-$15 an article) moving forward. Your rate is based on your quality.

We have a ZERO tolerance for the following:
  • Outsourcing to other writers to do your work
  • Sharing information or documents to anyone outside of our engagement
  • Plagiarism (web copy and self-plagiarism)
If interested, please fill out our online form at: http://goo.gl/ECHyA

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For submissions: apply via the online form

Website: http://triplecurve.com/
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