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Freelance job: article/ content writers needed (pay: 2-5 cents per word)

08 May 2013
Freelance job: article/ content writers needed (pay: 2-5 cents per word)
(Note: This is an anonymous job ad that will require you to produce a sample article prior to getting hired. Please apply with caution.)

Looking for a freelance article writer who can write short to long articles and web pages. The writer will be provided with a title suggestion, keywords, brief description of content needed, and a word range (ex: 800-1,000 words). The average article length will be 1,000 words.

Writer will need to blend their writing skills with writing for online marketing where keywords are blended in throughout the material while the writing still appears natural. Articles will require a little internet research to find information about the topics. Sources will need to be cited at bottom of article (not in the middle). Plagiarism is completely unacceptable. Any segment of 6 or more words cannot be duplicated from another source.

One sample article (1-2 pages) will need to be created before starting the position to determine if you are a good fit for the position. You will be paid for this article as long as spelling, grammar and original material is included in a decent or better quality.

Pay starts at $0.02 per word. Will raise to $0.03 per word after writer has completed 10 high-quality articles/pages. Once you have written 50 articles/pages of the highest quality, you will be raised to $0.04-0.05 per word.

Writer must be able to produce at least 20 articles/pages per week or more. More preferred. Currently, we have thousands of articles and web pages to write for and more to come. All writer payments are issued through PayPal, no exceptions.

If interested, please email us.


Questions/ applications: zr33j-3792546563@job.craigslist.org
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