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No entry fee: United Press National Poetry Anthology 2014 Competition (£1,000 top prize | UK)

03 May 2013
No entry fee: United Press National Poetry Anthology 2014 Competition (£1,000 top prize | UK)
Deadline: 30 June 2013

We are delighted to invite FREE entries for the National Poetry Anthology. The competition aims to encourage more people to write poetry. It’s open to all UK residents, young or old. Over 250 winners are selected every year, each one representing a different UK town or area.

All winners are published in the anthology and all receive a FREE copy of the book. Send up to THREE poems (on any subject) up to 25 lines (including blank lines) and 160 words each, by June 30th 2013 to: National Poetry Anthology, United Press Ltd, Admail 3735, London, EC1B 1JB or you can enter online via our online submission form.


Our free poetry competitions are open to any UK resident. Our overall objective with these competitions is to increase the level of interest in poetry and to encourage people to start writing poetry for themselves, so it really doesn’t matter what level you are currently at. The absence of an entry fee makes these competitions totally accessible!

Our main poetry competitions are the annual National Poetry Anthology and Local Poem competitions, both of which carry a £1000 first prize to the overall winner.

Link: general rules and information


For submissions: via the online submission form

Website: http://www.unitedpress.co.uk
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