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Writer's guidelines | Guardian Angel for Kids | pay: 3 cents per word for articles / stories, $10 for poetry

08 June 2013
Writer's guidelines | Guardian Angel for Kids | pay: 3 cents per word for articles / stories, $10 for poetry
Deadline: 1 July 2013 (Anti-bullying). 1 August 2013 (Farming), 1 September 2013 (Magic), 1 October 2013 (Gratitude)

Email only please! Do not use the post office to submit. We will not read post office submissions.

Please mark the subject line with submission title, the month submitted for, and your name. Please treat your email submission like a real mss submission, hook us with a great introduction paragraph including word count and follow with a brief paragraph on your background. Please close with your contact information including email and snail mail address.

No more than two submissions per issue and please adhere to word count noted for each category. Due to the volume of submissions received, we will no longer respond to submissions that are over the word count.

Send complete manuscript in the body of your e-mail to: MarySue Roberts at submissions@guardian-angel-kids.com No queries. No attachments! If we receive an attachment that is not an illustration, we will not open it. Response time within 2-3 weeks of monthly deadline.

We examine all submissions. Due to the volume of submissions received, we do not give individual feedback. We reserve the right to reject any submission without explanation. Please make note – pieces accepted for publication may receive minor edits for content, punctuation, grammar and/or be re-titled.

IMPORTANT! THEME: Each issue has a theme. We will only accept material appropriate for the monthly theme. Your submissions could be edited for content, punctuation, and spelling. If you do not wish to have your work edited, then please do not submit.

PAYMENT METHOD: The method of payment is PayPal. PayPal is easy to setup and is a safe/secure manner in which to receive payment. You will NOT incur a fee. If a fee is charged Guardian Angel Kids Ezine absorbs the fee. Visit and setup your account today at http://www.paypal.com For child submissions, we will gladly make check payments for submissions within the United States. Please provide your correct and verified PayPal email address within your email submission. If you live outside the U.S. you really need to accept Paypal payments to get your currency value.

PAYMENT AMOUNTS: We pay .03 cents per word for articles and stories. Poems $10. Photos $3 each with an article. Artwork $5-25 per illustration. Payment amount to illustrators remains at the discretion of the art editors. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot pay industry standard. Do not submit unless this is okay with you. All payments will be paid bimonthly. Please be patient.

PHOTOS: Please do not send copyrighted or licensed pictures from the internet to accompany your submission. We will not pay you for them and will have to remove them. Make sure they are freeware or you have taken the pictures, please!

STYLE- BACK ISSUES: Please visit http://www.guardian-angel-kids.com and become familiar with the style of the Guardian Angel Kids Ezine.

NEW! YOUNG MUSES/CHILDREN SUBMISSIONS: Guardian Angel Kids is pleased to announce we are now accepting submissions from children up to 14. Topics and guidelines are the same as adult submissions below, including payment.

FICTION: Up to 500 words. Picture stories: adventure, animal, humorous, multicultural, nature/environment, problem-solving, sports. Character driven stories that children will be able to relate to. Send complete manuscript in the body of your e-mail. No attachments! If we receive an attachment that is not an illustration, we will not open it.

ARTICLES OR ACTIVITIES: Up to 500 words. Articles may include activities, animals, arts/crafts, concept, cooking, math, nature/environment, problem-solving, science.

PARENT/TEACHER ARTICLES: Up to 700 words. Articles on parenting, teaching, reading, writing, and relating to the mission of the Guardian Angel Kids website.

KID-ORIENTED POETRY. Poems must be well written with no forced rhyme and roll off the tongue.

TERMS: We purchase all rights. We do not use previously published material and the accepted submissions after publication may not be recycled into any other format-- for sale or otherwise.

Our themes also tie into the Guardian Angel Publishing books, so be sure to check out the many books published each year at http://www.guardianangelpublishing.com

  • August/Aviation: June 1, 2013
  • September/Anti-bullying: July 1, 2013
  • October/Farming: August 1, 2013
  • November/Magic: September 1, 2013
  • December/Gratitude - Pass it forward: October 1, 2013

Questions/ submissions: submissions@guardian-angel-kids.com

Website: http://www.guardian-angel-kids.com
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