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Freelance Resume Writers wanted | pay: $20+ per resume | HireMeToWriteResumes.com | work from home

16 July 2013
Freelance Resume Writers wanted | pay: $20+ per resume | HireMeToWriteResumes.com | work from home
The opportunity to take as many resumes as you wish per week exists. Our writers are all independent contractors who set their own schedule within our system by indicating which days they are available to receive orders, and how many orders projects they would like to receive per week.

Exceptional email communication is an absolute necessity. Superior client service is a component, as we are selling a retail product that at the end of the day is not about us, but about getting our customers a great resume and great job. Continual communication with our support team is likewise critical in ensuring we provide the most professional caliber service to our clients.

Each resume and cover letter project includes two revisions within a seven-day period -- if the customers request it. Some customers do not request revisions at all and some do. For customers that want revisions beyond the 7 day time frame or who may be higher maintenance, we have a customer support team that these individuals can be escalated to, so the burden of customers continuing to come back is lifted from the writer.

Compensation starts at $20 per resume. Phone calls, additional edits, cover letters, and some rush services are also compensated items. Full breakdowns will be reviewed during next steps in our recruitment process.

  • A talented writer with a professional writing background
  • Seeking a freelance opportunity
  • Desiring a telecommute-based position
  • Exceptionally skilled in providing customer service and enjoy working with others
  • Needing a steady flow of reliable income
  • A team player
  • Comfortable working as an independent contractor
  • A growing resume company
  • A source of steady work
  • A long-term contract opportunity
  • A team of exceptional writers and editors
  • A group focused on superior customer service
If you are interested in this great opportunity, please do not apply via email please apply at http://www.hiremetowriteresumes.com.
  • Position: Resume Writer
  • Location: Telecommute-based position
  • Compensation: TBD

Applications: via the online form

Website: http://www.hiremetowriteresumes.com/
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