Know where to query/pitch first! 135+ pages packed with profiles, pay rates and links to guidelines.

Available in 2 editions: US/CANADA and WORLD.

Far more than a list...Serves its purposes beautifully! - Donna McGill

Saved me hundreds of hours worth of research! - Kathy Foust

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The Write Jobs Top 500 Report: 500 Highest-Paying Publications

The Write Jobs Top 500 Report: 500 Highest-Paying Publications
As a token of appreciation, our $10 $5 supporters will receive a copy of the 2015 Write Jobs Top 500 Report e-book (Freelance 500 - US/Canada OR World Edition). Note that you do not need a PayPal account to donate. You can donate via PayPal, credit card, echeck or bank account.

After making a donation, send us a quick e-mail at info@writejobs.info indicating the name that appeared in your donation transaction record (or the name the account is under). IT IS ALSO IMPORTANT that you specify which edition you want to receive: US/Canada Edition OR World Edition. More information about these editions below.
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This report raises the bar for writers looking for well paying writing jobs. It's far more than a list and offers detailed summaries of each publication. It truly is invaluable and one of the best investments any writer can make. With close to 150 pages, it serves its purposes beautifully. Donna McGill, freelance writer.

The Write Jobs Top 500 Report profiles the 500 highest-paying publications ranked (from highest to lowest) based on estimated pay rate per word. The shortlist came from our database of close to 10,000 publications. The Report is packed with publication profiles (descriptions, editorial themes, etc.), pay rates, and the most current links to submission guidelines, editorial contacts and other references.

(1) FREELANCE 500 - US/CANADA - This edition only includes publications produced in the US/Canada and is ideal for writers based in North America.

(2) FREELANCE 500 - WORLD - This edition includes publications that have international readership or publications that regularly feature stories/articles that are not location specific. Local/regional publications (e.g., New Jersey Family) or magazines published by local/regional organizations (e.g., Scouting Magazine) or magazines with multiple country/local editions (e.g., Maxim) are not included in this report.


This 2015, we will be releasing 7 Editions of the Write Jobs Top 500 Report. These are:
  1. Freelance 500 - US/Canada: For freelance writers based in the US/Canada. Released February 2015. More information here.
  2. Freelance 500 - World: For freelance writers based outside the US/Canada. Released March 2015. More information here.
  3. Photography 500: For photographers worldwide. To be released (2016 issue).
  4. Poetry 500: For poetry writers worldwide. To be released (2016 issue).
  5. Fiction 500: For short story writers worldwide. To be released (2016 issue).
  6. Literature 500: For poetry and short story writers worldwide (250 poetry markets and 250 fiction markets). To be released (2016 issue).
  7. Artwork 500: For visual/graphic artists, cartoonists and illustrators worldwide. To be released (2016 issue).

Is the Report available in printed form? No.

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