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Write Jobs's Hot 500 Report

Write Jobs's Hot 500 Report
By donating $6, you do not only support Write Jobs and the work we do—you also receive the 144-page 2013 edition of the Hot 500 Report (highest-paying US/ Canadian markets for freelance writers - more information below). Simply follow these two quick steps:
  1. Donate $6 via the DONATE button in the topmost bar of this website. You can donate via PayPal, credit card, echeck, or bank account.
  2. Send us a quick e-mail at info@writejobs.info with the name that appears in your donation transaction record for validation purposes. This will not take 15 seconds to compose. THIS STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT.
We will send the PDF report within 24 hours to the e-mail address that you used to contact us. To make sure the Report has been transmitted successfully, you will receive another e-mail asking you if the Hot 500 Report is already in your mailbox. If not, let us know. If it is, there is no need to reply.


Do I need a PayPal account to donate? No. You can donate via PayPal, credit card, echeck or bank account. The secure donations page will ask you to log in if you have a PayPal account. If you don't, just click on the CONTINUE link.

The Hot 500 Report is not yet in my mailbox. Why? What should I do? We send out the Report within 24 hours WITHOUT FAIL. We check both our inbox and spam folders on a daily basis, including weekends. If the Report is not in your mailbox within 24 hours, kindly make sure first that you have already sent us an e-mail; otherwise, we would not have known where to electronically transmit the Report. If you already have and the Report is not in your mail, check your spam folder. If it is not in your spam folder still, e-mail us again and we will gladly re-send. Please make sure you temporarily disable your filters. The file size is 6.7mb.

Why do I have to e-mail you after making a donation? It is very important that you e-mail us after making a donation; otherwise, we have no way of knowing where to send the Report or how to correctly reach you. PayPal will let us know who you are but not how and where to reach you electronically. The Report is in PDF format. The file size is 6.7mb.

I cannot find the donate button. Where is it located?  The DONATE button is the yellow/ orange oval image in the topmost bar of the website, right beside the search form. It will lead you to our secure donations page where you can donate via PayPal, credit card, echeck or bank account.


This report raises the bar for writers looking for well paying writing jobs. It's far more than a list and offers detailed summaries of each publication. It truly is invaluable and one of the best investments any writer can make. With close to 150 pages, it serves its purposes beautifully. Donna McGill, freelance writer.

The 2013 Hot 500 Report profiles the 500 highest-paying US/ Canadian markets ranked (from highest to lowest) based on estimated pay rate per word. The list came from our database of 5,000 publications.

The 2013 edition of the Hot 500 Report is:
  • An indispensable resource for writers who want to earn more with their articles,
  • A round-up of the highest-paying publications ranked from highest to lowest based on pay rate per word to help freelancers decide which publications to query first, and
  • A quick guide for Write Jobs's readers who have no time to go through our thousands of posts to find higher-paying markets for their work.
Here is a run-down of what is included in the Hot 500 Report:
  • The 500 markets included in the Report came from our database of 5,000 publications. These publications were ranked (from highest to lowest based on estimated pay rate per word) to help you decide which one to query first.
  • The descriptions contained in this Report will give you an idea of what the publication is all about, what types of articles they publish, and what these publications' themes/ focus are. The descriptions will help you figure out if the publication is right for your areas of expertise or interest, before going through the lengthy submission guidelines.
  • Also included are working links to submission guidelines and other references. Prior to the launch of the Report, we checked all the links to make sure they would lead you to the updated or current writer's guidelines displayed on these publications' official websites.
The Hot 500 Report will not be sold anywhere. It has been prepared as a token of appreciation to Write Jobs's supporters who will make a donation of at least $6. We have no intention of making it commercially available.


Watch out for our next special reports—the Top 500 Report (the world's highest paying journals for fiction and poetry) and the Globe 500 Report (highest-paying publications that accept submissions from freelance writers worldwide). Learn more about these reports here.